Different Brands of Plasma Cutting Equipment

Among many brands of plasma cutting equipment, there are a few famous brands which stand out and are very popular worldwide. But, be mindful of these facts when buying plasma cutting systems.  You can call it an investment, when you buy tools. You naturally get what you invest for, when it is plasma cutting equipment. There are loads of models from various countries. But however it is always safe to go for branded equipment rather than cheap ones especially without a guarantee period and after sales service. It all depends on the requirement of the client, as to whether it is used out in the field, at home, in your industry etc.

Ramsond Cut 50DY 50Amp

Ramsond is inexpensive; however it is a good product. They have upgraded the internal components and have received a top spot for plasma cutting and stand tall among many brands. With a ¾” cut limit and 60% duty cycle, this product has marveled the buyer with the price and size. The Ramsond Cut 50DY 50 Amp is able to run on both 110 and 220v.


Miller is world famous for its name and brand. In the plasma cutting systems business, Miller is a name not to be forgotten for its efficiency and reliability. They have absolutely built a tremendous reputation with clients on construction and customer service. The spectrum 625 X-Treme is a mighty cutter of our time which is mainly useful in the construction industry being a mighty tool. It is rated to cut 5/8” mild steel. It functions very quickly and secures attachments for the power, torch and gas.

They began their business in a shed and have now become one of the world’s most famous manufacturers of plasma cutting technology. The water injection method in plasma cutters was first introduced by them. You will not be disappointed if you use their equipment. The PAC-400 was absolutely successful. In fact they were able to change the minds of the customer about metal cutting in their industry.

Hypertherm Powermax 45

Hypertherm Powermax 45 has set standards in plasma cutting systems for many years. Their productions are of very high quality backed by an incredible customer support and service. This is an American product, but they OEM products for other manufacturers in the industry as well. This is able to cut half of an inch thickness steel throughout the day. Though it is expensive, the output is over 186% more efficient than most models. You get more info about Hypertherm Powermax 45 at https://plasmacutterpro.com/hypertherm-088016-powermax-45-plasma-cutter-review/.

Hobart Airforce 250ci

This is one of the best portable plasma cutters that anyone would like to own. Everybody is looking for light equipment when Hobart Air force 500534 is not only light weight but a compact and portable unit.  The main feature is that the small plasma cutter doesn’t require an air compressor, but a mighty instrument, real value for money!

Lotos 50A

The Lotos 50A, manufactured by Lotos Technology, cuts stainless steel alloy steel, copper, mild steel aluminum up to ½” thickness, It is only 22.5 pounds in weight and powered by an AC or DC current. The company gives a one year warranty including a cutting torch, a cable, a ground clamp, an air filter, air hose connection etc.